#SocietyMusings: Amilna Estevao


While we are all awaiting the upcoming NYFW with much anticipation, let’s spend some time to reminisce the remarkable Paris Couture Week that just took place last month! We asked our lovely Amilna Estevão what it was like to walk Couture for the very first time, how she compared New York to Paris and her current musings.

How did it feel to be walking Paris Couture for the first time?
I was honored and so excited! I wasn’t expecting to be confirmed for Couture shows at my age at all!

What did you imagine the couture shows to be like before this trip?
I never expected the experience to be any different than Paris Fashion Week but it was definitely more glamorous.

What’s your favorite thing about Paris?
It’s a beautiful city and the weather was great during this time!

What’s one thing you want to do in Paris and haven’t gotten the chance to do?
Visit the Louvre.

How does Paris compare to NYC?
Paris is a very beautiful city but so different from New York. There’s great culture and history; but in New York you can find a lot of people from different countries, it’s more diverse.

What music/songs/artists are you listening to right now?
Right now I’m listening to The Weeknd, and I really love the song “The Hills” by them.

What fashion item should every girl have in their closet?
I think every girl should have something simple and comfortable in their closet, like dresses, jeans and T-shirts.

What do you want to do the most at this moment?
I wanna do something fun or be with someone I love like my family!