It was a first for our Cris Urena on Monday night — the Dominican-American beauty graced the CFDA Awards red carpet for the first time. What made it even more special is that she was invited by designer Phillip Lim, who happens to be her little one Liam’s godfather. Aw!

The dynamic duo got ready at the 3.1 Phillip Lim Head Office in SoHo of New York prior to the event, and had fun trying on a few different ensembles from Lim’s 2015 Holiday Collection.

While sipping on champagne and munching on walnuts prepared by the lovely brand team, we were able to chat with Cris about her look of the night, how Instagram has changed her life plus some more!

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1) How do you feel about attending the CFDA for the first time?
I feel very honored — out of everyone that Phillip could bring with him to the event, he invited me! I feel special.

2) Tell me about your look tonight!
I’m wearing Phillip’s Holiday 2015 collection. I’m obsessed with black, and I love the sheer top over the tuxedo shirt. It makes me feel so chic, confident and elegant at the same time.

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Makeup/hair stylist Amy Chin working her magic on Cris

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3) What is it about Phillip’s designs that resonate with you?
I love how diverse his designs are and how he layers different pieces. He’s a natural stylist and is so good at creating a look that’s effortless.

IMG_1154 copy

Phillip showing a few options of his Holiday Collection to Cris

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4) Attendees like Kim Kardashian, Pharrell and Victoria Beckham will be there tonight, who are you most excited to see?
I’m excited to meet Pharrell, I think his sense of style is so unique.

5) Instagram is the media award winner of the year– what are your thoughts on that?
Instagram has completely changed my lifestyle! Whenever I’m traveling I can communicate with fans, my friends and family so easily. You become very inspired by the people you follow on Instagram.

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6) What’s your personal style when you are not working?
I like to be comfortable and cool, with a little bit of sensuality. I consider my look to be very diverse — my style goes with how I feel when I wake up in the morning.