Caroline Trentini – Vogue US November 2014

Caroline transports us back to the days of Greenwich Village bohemianism.

Adriana Lima – Vogue Paris November 2014

Adriana becomes a fearless beauty warrior.

Paris Roberts – Purple Magazine Fall/Winter 2014

Paris’ strong stances and even stronger brows command our attention.

Liu Wen – Vogue China November 2014

Liu Wen gives us an exclusive first look at the highly-anticipated Apple Watch.

Tao Okamoto – Banana Republic Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Tao shows there is beauty in simplicity.

Josephine Skriver – Porter #5 Winter 2014

Josephine sports metallic lids, dewy skin, and windswept locks.

Cora Emmanuel – Glass Magazine Fall 2014

Cora’s breathtaking features and flawless skin glow.

Anya, Harleth, Ji Hye, Lindsey, Natalie, Valery – CR Fashion Book Fall/Winter 2014

Six Society ladies lend their talents to the latest CR Fashion Book.

Catherine McNeil – Jimmy Choo Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Catherine embodies the allure and sophistication of Jimmy Choo’s Fall/Winter collection.

Adriana Lima – Vogue UK November 2014

Adriana trades in her Fantasy Bra for for a breathtaking Dolce & Gabbana couture skirt.

Natalie Westling – Céline Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

Natalie embodies the youthful yet elegant spirit of Céline.

Lindsey Wixson & Liu Wen – Garage Magazine no. 7

Lindsey and Liu Wen are joined by canine companions.

Caroline Brasch Nielsen – Numéro October 2014

Caroline plays a fearless dystopian heroine.

Catherine McNeil – Harper’s Bazaar October 2014

Catherine gets down to business.

Charlene Högger & Magdalena Jasek – Miss Vogue October 2014

Charlene and Magdalena pair denim and trendy outerwear for a youthful look.

Pauline Hoarau & Sophie Touchet – Vogue Japan October 2014

Pauline and Sophie form part of a coven of fashionable witches.

Cora Emmanuel – Allure Magazine October 2014

Cora steps out in animal spots and stripes reminiscent of Selina Kyle.

#TSMHalloween – Behind-the-Scenes

Behind-the-scenes look at our 2014 Emoji-theme pumpkin carving!


Vote for your favorite Emoji Pumpkin of 2014, as carved by our talents!

Sophie Touchet – Pulp Magazine no. 9

Sophie gives us a striking punch of color.